iPreFlight Genesis Upgrades: Improved Routing
iPreFlight Genesis Upgrades: Improved Routing



All Routes

The original, separate route-type sections (e.g., Direct, Custom, Recently Cleared, Preferred, and EUROCONTROL) are merged into one single list called ALL ROUTES. By default, the "Direct" route is pinned on top (as a reference of minimal distance, time, and fuel burn).


Route Labels

New labels are introduced:

• Freshly Generated: routes that were recently created.
• Recently Filed: routes that were filed recently, showing info that may include how many times it was filed, during what time period, and for what aircraft type(s).
• ATC Preferred: routes that are accepted by local ATCs. Valid for FAA and Brazil.
• Custom: routes manually edited by the Genesis user.
• The app returns non-valid routes too. This is depicted with a red X or red triangle.

Tap the red triangle to check the validation results, shown in a separate pop-up. The pop-up can be scrolled through to review additional errors. Afterwards, the route may be fixed manually, re-validated, and filed.

Be sure to review any routes with a yellow "i" icon; they may contain important information. Tap on the yellow icon to display the Remarks pop-up.


Filter Options

Tapping the Filter icon provides an option to sort all displayed routes by their source. For instance, selecting "ATC Preferred" may be useful for those traveling within the USA.

After tapping the filter icon, select the route type(s) you’d prefer to see displayed in the ALL ROUTES list. The Filter drop-down list allows multi-selection; a user can select, for example, "ATC Preferred" and "Recently Filed". When "All Routes" is selected, all routes display again on the screen.



The default route sorting is by Fuel Burn, lowest to highest, but you may also sort the routes by the time (ETE), Distance, Altitude, or wind shear (Max Shear).

Tap on the desired column and the routes will be sorted first in ascending order (low to high); a second tap sorts by descending order (high to low). The first route in the list is always the Direct route.


Route Status Bar

This bar shows how many routes were found and how many of them are valid.

The progress button spins while the routing process is ongoing. This button can also be tapped to stop the route generation process (all of the found routes will be left on the screen and no new routes will be added). If you would like to find more routes, tap the same button to restart the routing process.


Validate Button

The Validate button is available on the Routes screen for trips that include a EUROCONTROL location. Only the selected route in ALL ROUTES is validated when the Validate button is tapped.

In the Profiles screen, the Validate button displays when an altitude or speed profile change is made and the new validation status is Unknown.

Tap the Routes’ progress button at any time to receive a refreshed list of routes. It may take up to three minutes to refresh the ALL ROUTES list.

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