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Our History

APG is proud to be one of the first companies in the world to provide runway analysis for business and corporate aircraft. Over 20 years ago, we started with a clear mission to help pilots determine, “can you clear that hill at the end of the runway?” Since then, the mission has grown and our high-tech platforms and innovative mobile and web solutions include flight planning, runway analysis, and weight and balance. APG continues to revolutionize corporate and airline flight operations support services. 

Our Family Of Aviation Companies

In March 2020, APG acquired RocketRoute. RocketRoute was founded in 2010 and provides online flight planning, support, FlightBoard, and concierge services to the European marketplace.

APG acquired Seattle Avionics in September 2020. Seattle Avionics was founded in 2002 and provides US and European aviation data, called ChartData, to aviation companies worldwide. Seattle Avionics also has a top-rated aviation app for the iPad – FlyQ™ EFB.

Our Timeline

APG Founded

APG Founded

APG started with a clear mission, to help pilots determine, "Can you clear that mountain at the end of the runway?


APG Released ATLAS


APG Released Flight Planning & Driftdown


APG Added Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance for Web


APG Released Weight & Balance for the iPhone


APG Released iPreFlight


APG Released iPreFlight Genesis™


RocketRoute Acquired


Seattle Avionics Acquired


APG to Release iPreFlight Genesis™ PRO


Industry Advocacy

As a market leader, APG is intimately involved in the FAA Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment Aviation Rulemaking Committee and FAA TAPP Working Group.

With longstanding relationships amongst aircraft manufacturers, training facilities, STC providers, and regulatory authorities, APG is a trusted resource throughout the industry.

Providing free medical flight for critically ill children

The Future of Flight

We’ve helped many businesses enhance revenue, stay in compliance and obtain safe flights. Take your company to the next level with fully-featured flight technology.

Our operational focus revolves around flight safety and safe practices. APG is an integral part of that by providing us the useful tools for obstacle analysis and weight and balance. The iPreflight application for our EFBs is paramount to our operation. It provides our pilots a one-stop shop for their departure and arrival planning. The folks at APG are always accommodating and respond quickly when we have aircraft weight changes, add an aircraft or have any need for revised information. We’ve been partners with them for years and we’re truly amazed by the customer service. We look forward to many more years of safe operations with our partners at APG.

Brian Jewell Airshare

Thank you for the wonderful service we receive from APG. Your customer service is second to none. Every time I have a request, your team has always been there to help. I especially appreciate your fast setup of new aircraft that join my fleet. I look forward to many more years of working together.

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