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FlightBoard flight tracking app on a MacBook Air and iPad


Real-time, precision flight tracking to streamline aviation operations from departure to destination.


iPad showing a weather radar screen on the FlightBoard app

What is FlightBoard?

Your flight tracking command center. Track your flights and maintain situational awareness from departure to destination with FlightBoard – a web-based tool to empower day-of-flight operations. Instantly access real-time data, make lightning-fast decisions and improve efficiency.

Keep sight of your fleet and gain the data you need. Whether you’re an aircraft operator, FBO, or aviation service provider, APG’s FlightBoard is your ticket to managing all your assets on one platform.

Transform Your Operation

FlightBoard offers real-time intelligence, giving you situational anytime.

Real-Time Tracking

Easily track your entire fleet across the world. View real-time monitoring to ensure smooth operation of all crews and aircraft.

Streamline Operations

Intelligence at a glance allows for effortless collaboration and coordination to achieve better mission outcomes.

Save Time & Money

FlightBoard saves your organization time, eliminates error, and allows for informed real-time decision-making.

Effortless Implementation

FlightBoard can be set up in minutes—no complex or heavy software installation required.

Configured for aircraft fleet use or a specific location. Easily monitor EUROCONTROL flow impact and ATC sector delays, making informed decisions early to avoid service disruptions while saving time and money.

Macbook Air with APG FlightBoard web
Desktop monitor with FlightBoard screen showing flight lists and aircrafts inflight on map

Multi-Screen Display

Monitor your entire fleet easily with an automatic map tracking view. See detailed map data with a split screen view ideal for a large screen providing an operational overview for efficient monitoring.

For dispatchers and flight followers, a split-screen view combines the flight list and tracking map into a synchronized view.


Fleet Tracking & Filtering

Focus on what matters with extensive filtering. Detailed maps and flight lists can be organized by location, aircraft registration, operator code or city pair. Detailed flight information is loaded into FlightBoard directly from EUROCONTROL and the FAA and updated in real-time.

One-time tracking links can be easily shared with a few clicks. All parties can stay aligned to maintain a positive client experience from takeoff to landing.

Macbook and iPad with FlightBoard screen showing routing maps and flight lists

FlightBoard Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Flight List
  • Detailed Tracking Maps
  • EUROCONTROL CTOT Information
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Europe ATC Sector Overlay
  • Fleet & Fixed-Base Modes
  • Radar & Lightning Overlay
  • No Software Installation
  • Filed & Flown Route Depiction
  • Powerful Flight Filtering
  • FAA SWIM Integration
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Advanced Aircraft Fleet Tracking

See how FlightBoard can improve your operation