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APG iPreFlight Genesis PRO on iPad and Macbook with flight planning and W&B

iPreFlight Genesis® PRO

The most advanced flight operations tool on the market

From Dispatch to Destination

iPreFlight Genesis PRO streamlines your operations through all phases of flight, allowing your business aviation operation to improve efficiency and reduce dispatcher and pilot workload.

Flight Planning

Supercharge your flight operations with a fully integrated solution for flight planning, filing, dispatch, crew briefings and more.

Features in our Genesis apps allow for quick and easy flight planning, giving pilots and crew a crystal clear picture of the flight plan. iPreFlight Genesis PRO allows users to determine whether the flight is within operational limits with a synchronized workflow focused on compliance and maximizing fleet capability.

GPRO-IOS Route With Flight
Runway analysis data on a black iPad screen

Runway Analysis

Obtain customizable performance calculations in an easy-to-use flow with Graphical Engine-Out Procedures (EOPs) built for briefing and quick reference. 

  • Take-off & Landing Performance
  • Runway Shortening 
  • LDTA Compliance
  • Workflow Hints & Tips
  • Departure and Arrival Alternates
  • Emergency Return Calculations
  • Dispatch & Crew Sync

Weight & Balance

Maximize flight safety and minimize planning time with customizable floor plans and loading stations tailored to your specific aircraft. Easily create compliant weight & balance reports on demand, with the ability to send them to crew for confirmation and final adjustments. Additionally, the CG envelope view allows for a quick understanding of aircraft load limits, fuel burn curve and curtailment envelope (configuration service available).

  • Interactive Aircraft Floor Plan
  • Active Alerting For CG Limit Violations
  • Full Online Calculation Support
  • Tailored Supplementary Flight Release
Airplane weight and balance calculations
Stacked iPad screen with APG ChartData and flight planning applications

ChartData Plates & Airport Diagrams

Global geo-referenced graphical IAPs, SIDs, STARs, and airport diagrams for 160+ countries. Easily view and select any plate associated with an airport, with export and annotation functions, enabling you to navigate safely and efficiently.

Engine-Out Procedures

iPreFlight Genesis PRO includes both APG’s proprietary graphical EOPs and global geo-referenced IAPs, SIDs, STARs, and airport diagrams. Dispatchers can review these during planning, and flight crews may access the EOPs inflight via the iOS application. 

Engine out procedure diagram on a mobile device

The Support You Expect

We offer superior service to our customers with technology that has industry-leading 24/7 live customer support.