Aircraft Performance Group: APG

Chief Customer Officer

Steve Card

Steve Card joined APG in June of 2019 and has over 30 years in the aviation industry. Steve has had numerous career assignments in that time, including sales, marketing, client management, flight planning, trip planning, e business and both product and global market strategy.

Steve has worked for Jeppesen / Boeing out of the UK, Germany and for the last 11 years the US. Steve’s last role before joining APG was as director Business Aviation Client Management, and in this position he was accountable for global sales and client management for business aviation across the full product and service suite.

Steve is a dual citizen of the United States and the UK, where he served in the Royal Air Force. He also holds a UK private pilot’s license.

Operations Officer

Gene Albright

Gene Albright began his career as a design engineer at Raytheon Aircraft Company. After moving to Cessna, he advanced to Performance Engineer. He finished his career at Cessna as Lead Specialist Engineer in charge of the Technology Development Group within the Performance Engineering department.

During his time at Cessna, Albright directed the development and certification efforts of Cessna’s performance calculation software package, CESNAV. He has a deep understanding of Airplane Flight Manual data development processes and a history of implementing those processes into software solutions. Additionally, Albright has earned a Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Gene holds a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering and a Master of Business Administration, both from Wichita State University.

Global Head of Products

John Thivierge

John Thivierge has dedicated over 28 years to the aviation industry serving in a variety of capacities specific to operations and safety. He has worked with aviation leaders in over 60 countries, spanning all defined aviation markets ranging from; airlines, business aviation, helicopters, general aviation and airports helping to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies across the board.

Most recently, John worked at DTN for 9 years in leadership roles in product management and sales bringing industry leading weather products to the industry. Prior to DTN, John was with SITA for 19 years, covering all aspects of commercial and business aviation worldwide. He now brings his vast knowledge from previous positions in QA, software engineering, product management and sales, to AFV Partners Aviation Data & Technology Group to continue to provide the highest quality products and services to the aviation industry.

Gene holds a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering and a Master of Business Administration, both from Wichita State University.

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Community Involvement

APG is proud to support the following nonprofits.

Wouded Warrior Project arc Thrift Stores Wings of Hope
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Industry Advocacy

As a market leader, APG is intimately involved in the FAA Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment Aviation Rulemaking Committee and FAA TAPP Working Group.

With longstanding relationships amongst aircraft manufacturers, training facilities, STC providers, and regulatory authorities, APG is a trusted resource throughout the industry.