Flight Planning

Solve the complex problem of calculating optimal flight trajectory.

Flight Plan Calculations Made Effortless

With intelligent technology at your fingertips, your business saves fuel, reduces costs and is always in compliance.

Our advanced flight planning software accurately directs aircraft to the fastest route possible and offers flight planning for IFR and VFR flights.

We use manufacturers’ operational data, in conjunction with current and forecasted weather conditions to calculate the fuel required for the flight, including fuel burn (optimized for minimum fuel or time), fuel for reserves, alternates, and holding.

Flight Planning Features

Calculating flight plans can be a daunting task. Mathematically complicated optimization methods aside, even a simple flight plan needs flight planning technology.

Safety Alerts

Put your safety at the forefront with audio and visual alerts for situational awareness, including aircraft navigation equipment & emergency equipment restrictions, aircraft certification restrictions, and dynamically reported airspace restrictions.

Weather & NOTAMs

Stay abreast of relevant weather conditions as they change, including Worldwide METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs and radar imagery for composite U.S. and site radar for cities across the U.S., updated every five minutes.

User Imposed Constraints

Our flight planning technology features worldwide air navigation data and aircraft climb, cruise and decent capabilities. We go a step further, allowing users to impose routing, vertical and speed constraints.

Terrain and Obstacle Heights

APG uses global high-resolution terrain and obstacle data to highlight dangerous terrain.

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