iPreFlight Genesis™

A robust app that started the performance calculation revolution

iPreFlight Genesis – a sharp focus on aircraft performance optimized for the iPad.

iPreFlight Genesis allows pilots, dispatchers, and flight operations to plan and file a flight after loading the airplane and evaluate runway performance capabilities, which include takeoff and landing data.

iPreFlight Genesis guides you with a logical flow, where you answer questions about planning a trip anywhere, whether you need to make a trip right away or well into the future.

In a matter of seconds, the trip considers passenger and cargo loading and current or predicted weather to optimize performance and help determine if conditions allow for the planned flight.

What Can iPreFlight Genesis Do For You?

Quickly crunch precise runway performance data based on a variety of customizable variables, including aircraft loading. Additionally, you can obtain detailed graphical weight and balance calculations that allow for changing occupied passenger seating positions (and specifying whether the occupant is a male, female or child).

iPreFlight Genesis makes sure you meet regulatory requirements for engine-out performance calculations. The engine-out performance utility applies specific takeoff and landing components for each flight including runway slope, terrain, obstacles and declared distances to determine real-world maximum takeoff and landing weights.

iPreFlight Genesis™

iPreFlight Genesis does the work, so you can focus on flying.

Two Powerful iPad Solutions

One great product, two solutions to choose from for your pre-flight planning needs.

iPreFlight Genesis Navigator

Robust pre-flight planning is at your fingertips, with tightly integrated calculations tailored specifically for your aircraft. All the information you need in one easy-to-use application.

iPreFlight Genesis Performance

Powerful and cohesive performance computations that streamline your preflight process. Integrate critical preflight solutions with one application.

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