Can You Clear the Mountain in Front of You?
You Can with APG

No matter the runway, with APG, you will have the most accurate, reliable runway analysis solution that considers critical aspects of flight: declared distances, runway slope, obstacles, weather conditions, and more.

Safety & Compliance

Safety and compliance merge together with APG’s software.

Integrated Workflow

We help pilots improve their runway analysis with a system that can prepare and file flight plans.


Get trustworthy performance results from innovative software that anyone can use.

Full Access to All the Key Data You Need

APG puts pilots and dispatchers in complete control of their flight preparation, organizing, managing and following flights.

Our runway analysis technology selects the optimum runway for your current configuration and conditions, including selected flaps, operating bleed settings, runway surface conditions, weather conditions, and engine out procedures.

Get the Data Your Business Needs

See for yourself why thousands of users and businesses all around the world choose APG. 

Runway Analysis Features

Knowing the performance of your aircraft shouldn’t be a guessing game. With APG’s technology at your fingertips, you’ll have full access to all the key data you need.

Obstacle Analysis

Our technology incorporates terrain and obstacles into its max takeoff weight calculations to ensure clearance.

Safety Warnings

Warning and error messages show when calculated results exceed the aircraft’s or runway’s limits, including aircraft-specific alerts for invalid takeoff or landing configurations or overweight warnings.

Emergency Return Calculations

Evaluate scenarios using different runways and aircraft configurations to ensure the best course of action in case of an emergency.

Engine Out Procedures

Tailored engine out departure procedures (EOPs).

Weather Features

Use forecasted, historical, or custom weather information.

Landing Factors

Automatically applied operational landing factors.

Scenario Planning

Ability to shorten runway distances to account for temporary closures.

Full V-speed Calculations

Full V-speed calculations for your actual takeoff and landing weights.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is composed of dispatchers, pilots and engineers and is ready to help you.

We’ll Put You on the Right Path.

Ask questions or get a demo. Our knowledgeable team is standing by, ready to help.