Aircraft Performance Group: APG
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Knowing the performance of your aircraft shouldn't be a guessing game. With APG at your fingertips you'll have full access to all the key data you need.

  • Tailored Engine-Out departure procedures (EOPs)
  • Full V-speed calculations for your actual takeoff and landing weights
  • Emergency return calculations
  • Contaminated runway and INOP options
  • Ability to shorten runway distances to account for temporary closures
  • Use forecast, historical, or custom weather information
  • Automatically applied landing factors
  • Missed approach gradient calculations

Support from people who've been in your shoes. We are pilots, dispatchers, engineers and are here to support your flight operations:

  • New aircraft program development
  • New or private airport addition
  • Design of Engine-Out procedures for your aircraft
  • Modification or STC applied to your aircraft
  • Review of obstacle surveys
  • Addition of custom performance options
  • Evaluation of a new aircraft acquisition

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