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Expert Aviation Consulting

Customized Analysis & Solutions for Aviation Challenges

Innovation Through Collaboration

20 Years of Experience

For over 20 years, APG has become the go-to partner for solving problems, improving performance and helping customers gear up for the future. Our consulting team has helped clients innovate, improve strategic positioning and drive financial success.  We have spent many years helping dozens of leading players across the aviation ecosystem.It takes more than industry expertise and experience to obtain success.

Audit Support Documents

Weight & Balance Reports

Custom Airport Design Consultation

Missed Approach/Balked Landing Reports

Runway Extension Analysis

Custom Engine Out Procedure Design

Interior passenger area of a private business aircraft

Aircraft Envelopes

APG has built curtailed envelopes for over 400 aircraft. Our real-time analysis approach ensures the aircraft meets all requirements of AC120-27F and CAT.POL.MAB while maximizing the usable envelope.

On each flight, APG analyzes the actual loading of the aircraft and dynamically builds the curtailed envelope. If additional capability is required, the clients can choose to restrict certain crew and passenger movements and APG will recalculate the curtailed envelope with these restrictions in mind.

Runway Extension

An APG client operating out of an airfield with a proposed runway extension project wanted to know how their operations would be improved under the proposal. APG modeled the new runway lengths, analyzed how the departure flight path would be affected and built custom analysis reports for the operator.

For each of their aircraft types, APG provided insight on improvements to maximum allowed takeoff and landing weights as well as the impact to maximum range. This gave the client the information they needed during the public comment period.

Tail view of an aircraft landing at a Colorado airport
Business aviation pilots using a flight planning app to review weather on flight path

Operational Auditing

As our clients seek operational approval for the use of software applications, APG supports them every step of the way. By providing aircraft-specific reports and consulting on responses to audit questions, APG helps make the approval process as painless as possible.

Our professional team of engineering support staff is qualified in global operational requirements and is equipped to help you with the approval process.

Brad Christiansen

Aircraft Engineering Manager

Dominique Guerra

Aircraft Engineering Team Lead

Christian Mechem

Performance Engineer

Colin Wagner

Performance Engineer