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Elevate Your Departures With SID Analyzer

Your tool for safer and more efficient aircraft departures

SID Analyzer iPad screen for flight planning

Transform Your Takeoff

The first-of-its-kind in the industry, the SID (Standard Instrument Departures) Analyzer transforms the way you take off. With seamless integration of Runway Analysis (RWA) and TERPS/PANS-OPS compliance checks, it’s your essential tool for enhanced safety and operational efficiency.

A New Compliance Tool

Before SID Analyzer, meeting rigorous climb requirements for Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) was left to “best judgment”. With SID Analyzer, pilots can determine compliance with TERPS/PANS-OPS while maintaining the safety of APG’s existing Runway Analysis calculations.

SID Analyzer Features & Benefits

Close up of SID Analyzer VFR from KJFK to KBOS on a Gulfstream G550

Simpler Departure Process

SID Analyzer harmoniously combines RWA with TERPS/PANS-OPS compliance checks, simplifying the departure process and reducing the need for Engine Out Procedure (EOP) briefings.

Runway obstacle clearance screen from APG's iPreFlight Genesis PRO app

Close-In Obstacle Clearance

APG's RWA will automatically assess all obstacles, including any close-in obstacles identified for a SID, ensuring safety by determining the maximum weight for obstacle clearance with OEI.

All engines operating estimations for APG's standard instrument departure tool

AEO Estimation

If the manufacturer has not published All Engines Operating takeoff climb performance, SID Analyzer will estimate AEO performance using OEI climb data as needed.

Close up showing aviation performance data for one engine inoperative and all engines operating scenarios


Toggle between AEO And OEI methods to meet TERPS/PANS-OPS climb requirements, ensuring compliance and safety.

Aviation Tools Built on Experience

10,000+ Airport Profiles
350+ Aircraft Envelopes
32 Manufacturers
2,900+ Custom EOPs

Comprehensive Aircraft Reports

Our iPreFlight Genesis Performance and Navigator reports offer detailed information on your planned takeoff weight, including Average 2nd Segment Climb Gradient (Avg 2nd Seg Grad) data. Use it for situational awareness and optimize your departure performance.

Mountainous Terrain Solutions

Don’t let weight limits restrict your operations in mountainous areas. SID Analyzer helps you find the perfect balance between safety and operational efficiency. Leave behind the old complexities and embrace the aviation safety and efficiency era.