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A weight & balance solution can enhance aircraft ground handling and the efficiency of flight operations with fuel savings. By loading the aircraft at or near the AFT CG limit, the aircraft will climb faster, cruise faster and save fuel.

Our intelligent solutions let you calculate weight and balance, with or without internet access. 

Whether you operate a small fleet or a large fleet of transport aircraft, we can help with your specific needs.

Intuitive Features

Get a suite of features that make our solutions the preferred system of aviation organizations. Our easy setup, flexibility and fast calculations are unparalleled:

  • Interactive floorplan diagrams
  • Customized configurations to match your loading
  • Accurate CG calculations for every phase of the flight
  • Use of manufacturer or custom fuel data and burn logic to specify loading allocation and burn sequence
  • Support for multiple interior configurations 
  • Automatic trim setting calculations

Other Weight & Balance Features

Completing a comprehensive weight & balance calculation can be cumbersome.
But with APG, it’s easy!

Occupied Passenger Seating

Easily add, delete and change occupied passenger seating positions within the aircraft’s cabin. This feature is automatically customized by selecting the aircraft from the app’s list of models. Our technology automatically updates the CG calculations based on where the passengers are seated. You can also specify whether the passenger is a male, female or child and use standard weights or specify their actual weights.

Graphical CG Envelope

Our easy-to-use software gives a graphical view of the aircraft’s CG envelope, with a fuel vector line of the inflight fuel burn off. All relevant weights are displayed, including the basic operating weight (BOW), zero fuel weight (ZFW), takeoff and landing weight.

Dynamic Curtailments

Meet the regulatory requirements for adjusting the aircraft manufacturers’ certified center of gravity (CG) envelope to account for loading variations and in-flight movements during normal aircraft operations. Items considered are passengers, fuel, fluids, in-flight movement of passengers and crew, movement of flaps and landing gear, and random seating.

With APG’s technology, required curtailments are calculated for the actual load on the airplane and are applied in real time. Many service providers offer fixed curtailment solutions based on worst-case conditions, applied once to the manufacturers’ certified CG envelope, but this often results in an overly restrictive CG envelope. Our real-time curtailments use no unnecessary conditions, which results in the greatest loading flexibility.

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