Aircraft Performance Group: APG
i Pre Flight Genesis App Flight Planning Screen

Completing a comprehensive W&B calculation can be cumbersome, with APG it's easy!

  • Interactive floorplan diagrams
  • Standard or actual passenger weights
  • Customized configurations to match your loading
  • Accurate CG calculations for every phase of flight
  • Use of manufacturer fuel data and burn logic to generate fuel vectors
  • Custom fuel load and burn to specify loading allocation and burn sequence
  • Support for multiple interior configurations
  • Automatic trim setting calculations

Need to implement a loading envelope that incorporates curtailments of the CG envelope? APG can generate a substantiation report that provides protection for:

  • Landing gear retraction
  • Aircraft certification restrictions
  • Passenger weight variation
  • Fuel density variance
  • Crew and passenger movement
  • Flap extension
  • Cargo load shift
  • Water or waste movement

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