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FLYINGGROUP Enhances Flight Operations with iPreFlight Genesis Performance

FLYINGGROUP partners with APG to leverage iPreFlight Genesis Performance software, streamlining operations, ensuring safety, and enhancing the flight experience for clients

Denver, Colorado — July 17, 2023 — Aircraft Performance Group (APG®), the leading provider of innovative flight operations software solutions, is thrilled to announce a new agreement with FLYINGGROUP, a renowned aviation company. Under the three-year agreement, FLYINGGROUP will leverage APG’s cutting-edge software, iPreFlight Genesis® Performance, across its diverse fleet, ranging from light cabin aircraft like the Cessna Citations CJ3 to large cabin aircraft like the Dassault Falcon 8X and Bombardier Global 5000. APG’s software supports these aircraft and over 450 more, ensuring a comprehensive solution for FLYINGGROUP’s operations.

By extending its utilization of iPreFlight Genesis Performance, FLYINGGROUP aims to elevate its flight operations capabilities and deliver an exceptional experience to clients. The software’s advanced features will streamline operations, optimizing flight planning for greater efficiency. Robust tools such as runway analysis and accurate weight and balance calculations enhance operational safety. Additionally, iPreFlight Genesis Performance ensures compliance with regulatory standards, aligning with FLYINGGROUP’s commitment to safety, reliability and personalized service.

“We are excited to partner with APG and adopt iPreFlight Genesis Performance as our comprehensive flight operations solution,” said Frans Dechaene, Director of Operations at FLYINGGROUP. “This advanced software will enable us to streamline our operations, make informed decisions, and provide an exceptional experience to our clients. We are confident that our collaboration with APG will further enhance our position as a leading aviation company.”

iPreFlight Genesis Performance is designed specifically for aviation professionals, offering them a wide range of powerful tools and features to enhance their flight operations. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, this comprehensive suite of tools simplifies the complex tasks faced by operators, minimizing the need for extensive user input. A key strength of leveraging iPreFlight Genesis Performance is the ability to provide accurate and real-time information, empowering operators like FLYINGGOUP to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

“We are elated to welcome FLYINGGROUP into the APG family as a valued partner,” said Mark Stevens, APG Head of Sales – EMEA. “With our industry-leading iPreFlight Genesis Performance software, FLYINGGROUP will have the tools they need to achieve excellence in flight operations. Our commitment to delivering mission-critical software solutions and exceptional customer support aligns perfectly with FLYINGGROUP’s vision, and we look forward to a successful partnership.”

The adoption of iPreFlight Genesis Performance by FLYINGGROUP underscores the value proposition of APG’s advanced flight operations software. Designed to address aviation businesses’ unique challenges, iPreFlight Genesis Performance offers features that allow operators to reduce fuel consumption, minimize operational costs and enhance overall efficiency. As FLYINGGROUP harnesses the power of this cutting-edge software, it will be well-equipped to deliver enhanced services and elevate its performance in the aviation industry.

About FLYINGGROUP: FLYINGGROUP is a prominent aviation company providing a wide range of services. With a strong focus on safety, reliability, and personalized service, FLYINGGROUP offers aircraft management, charter services, and maintenance solutions. With their extensive fleet and experienced team, FLYINGGROUP caters to the diverse needs of private individuals, corporations, and governments. For more information, visit

About Aircraft Performance Group: Aircraft Performance Group (APG) is the leading provider of innovative flight operations software solutions for business and corporate aviation. With over 20 years of experience, APG empowers aviation professionals with mission-critical tools that optimize flight operations, enhance safety and improve efficiency.