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CAE & APG Partner to Elevate Aircraft Performance & RWA training

CAE and Aircraft Performance Group (APG), a leading provider of cutting-edge flight operations software and applications, today unveiled a strategic partnership that will harness APG’s expertise in aircraft performance and runway analysis instruction to enhance CAE’s business aviation training.

“The continuous training of aviation professionals is a key part of APG’s strategy,” said Shawn Mechelke, President of APG. “Doing so with CAE’s business aviation training shows our commitment to continuing to be the leading provider of runway analysis and flight operations solutions for aviation businesses worldwide.”

CAE and APG Partner to Elevate Aircraft Performance and Runway Analysis Training

“The partnership with APG enhances CAE’s business aviation training by giving our instructor pilots unique insight into runway analysis to help address industry-wide knowledge gaps,” said Alexandre Prevost, CAE’s Division President, Business Aviation and Helicopter Training. “CAE is committed to pioneering training innovations, and through collaborations with partners like APG, we can harness our collective strengths to provide essential training that enhances safety skills.”

As part of this partnership, CAE instructor pilots will be trained on runway analysis and the intricacies of mastering the coordination between a SID (Standard Instrument Departure) and an EOP (Engine Out Procedure) to enhance flight safety and streamline operations. The course will also demystify landing factors, TALPA (Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment), the Global Reporting Format, how to comply with dispatch landing factors and Landing Distance at Time of Arrival (LDTA) calculations, and more.

The comprehensive training in runway analysis and obstacle clearance aligns with FAA notice N 8900.664 which underscores the importance of ensuring all crew members, regardless of previous authorization, are properly trained in utilizing contractor’s data or other airport obstacle analysis programs. In an ever-evolving aviation landscape, staying abreast of such guidelines and robust training programs is paramount to maintaining the highest standards of safety and performance.

About APG

Aircraft Performance Group (APG) is the leading provider of innovative flight operations software solutions for business and corporate aviation. With over 20 years of experience, APG empowers aviation professionals with mission-critical tools that optimize flight operations, enhance safety and improve efficiency. For more information about APG and their services, visit

About CAE

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