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ChartData Plates and Airport Diagrams Now in iPreFlight Genesis® PRO

We are thrilled to announce the release of  global ChartData plates and airport diagrams in iPreFlight Genesis® PRO, our fully integrated, solution for pilots and dispatchers. With this update, we have taken a significant step forward in integrating on-device planning with dispatch center operations, providing a seamless and efficient experience for pilots, crew, and dispatch operators.

ChartData & Plates Viewer

The latest release introduces Global ChartData Plates and Airport Diagrams in iPreFlight Genesis® PRO, our fully integrated,  solution for pilots and dispatchers. Easily view and select any instrument approach plate associated with an airport, with export and annotation functions, enabling you to navigate safely and efficiently.

We’ve got you covered with immediate access to 10,400 airports and 111,000 charts covering over 160 countries. Review IAPs, SIDs, STARs, Airport Diagrams, and AD documents preflight or inflight. Navigate safely and efficiently with simple export and annotation options.

Integrated Pilot On-Device Planning with Dispatch Center

Pilots can now originate and plan flights on their mobile devices, assign crew members, and synchronize their flight plans, runway analysis, and weight and balance with the dispatch center. This integration allows for better coordination and communication between pilots, crew, and dispatch operators.

Flexible Flight Plan Filing

Flights can now be filed from either the web or mobile device. This expanded capability offers greater flexibility for pilots and dispatch operators, allowing them to file flight plans from wherever they are.

iPreFlight Genesis PRO now combines the powerful offline iPreFlight Genesis Performance calculation engine with RocketRoute’s world-class flight plan routing engine. This synergy delivers unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and user benefits, making your flight planning experience smoother than ever.