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Flight Planning & Filing in Under 3 Minutes 

What used to take tedious manual calculations for flight planning, can now be done in under three minutes. iPreFlight Genesis PRO quickly calculates fuel consumption, optimal flight paths, weight and balance calculations and more in seconds. Gone are the days of delayed flights for pilots and operators due to last minute changes of baggage, passengers, destinations, or accepted flight paths.

With iPreFlight Genesis PRO it’s as simple as 1-2-3: 

  1. Choose your aircraft departure airport and destination to get multiple route options that consider your aircraft’s performance and current ATC restrictions.
  2. Specify your cargo and passengers for instant weight and balance and fuel burn calculations based on your aircraft’s profile.
  3. Share your flight plan directly with your crew and automatically file with the FAA, EUROCONTROL, or other flight planning agencies.

Learn how you can plan and file in under three minutes:



Aircraft Selection

Choosing your specific aircraft enables the system to automatically calculate the best options for fuel consumption, weight and balance, and airport destinations. APG maintains profiles for each aircraft to ensure all calculations are performed using the correct aircraft data.

Departure & Arrival Airports

Easily set your departure and arrival airports, arrival alternatives, and flight date and time. iPreFlight Genesis PRO’s auto route feature automatically presents you with multiple computed route options, previously filed routes and company preferred routes. Auto route generates routes based on aircraft performance data, weather, and air traffic control restrictions to provide you with the most efficient and safe routes for your flight. You can easily compare routes to choose one that fits your plan.

Need to change your arrival or alternative airport? Simple. Just change the selected airport and recalculate. Our software instantly recalculates your selections and generates new data.

Weight & Balance

With the aid of visual seating and a few simple clicks, iPreFlight Genesis PRO lets you enter the number of passengers, their weight, and the weight of their baggage. It quickly calculates the center of gravity and overall weight of your aircraft to ensure that you can confidently plan your flight knowing that you are operating within safe weight and balance limits. Adding or removing a passenger or baggage? By making any necessary adjustments to your payload and selecting “Recalculate”, the system analyzes your changes and provides updated weight and balance data.

Flight Crew Integration

Our fully integrated software means connecting you with your crew and dispatch. After creating and saving your plan, you can send it directly to your crew’s mobile device. This feature streamlines communication between pilots and dispatchers, ensuring everyone is on the same page and can access the most up-to-date flight plan information.

Filing Your Flight Plan

Our software presents flight information in a clear manner to double check all the details before filing your flight plan. Once you have reviewed your flight plan and made any necessary adjustments, filing your flight plan is as easy as tapping a button. It is sent directly to the FAA, EUROCONTROL, or other flight planning agencies. Once filed and sent to any crew members, your flight can be seen in the “Active” tab.

Get Your Personalized Demo

See how iPreFlight Genesis PRO can be customized for your aircraft or operation. Our aviation experts show you how easy and efficient flight planning can be.

flight planning on computer with globe and flight paths