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APG Supports AeroAngel in its Mission

APG is a proud supporter of AeroAngel, which provides private flights for seriously ill children who need to access distant life-saving medical care.

About AeroAngel

Mark Pestal, an attorney and commercial pilot, founded AeroAngel, a non-profit, in 2010. After serving on the board of an angel flight operation, he observed that the most challenging flight requests were going unfulfilled when passengers had the greatest need for a private flight. Angel flights are traditionally given to those who could fly commercially but simply need transportation.

Today, AeroAngel is the only charity in the United States that uses only private jets to provide air transportation to children who cannot fly commercially due to their fragile medical conditions. AeroAngel coordinates flight logistics for free, never limiting the number of flights a family can take. They are also focused on providing support for each child until the service is no longer needed.

Since their first flight, AeroAngel has provided flight access to over 250 critically ill patients through volunteers, pilots, flight crews, ground staff, and more who donate their time and talents. AeroAngel has worked hard to generate donations to continue providing this life-saving transportation, raising over 3.5 million dollars. They have made nearly 70 flights for children and families across the United States. 97% of financial donations go directly to support the flights provided.

The Goals for the Future

AeroAngel has seen an increase in flight demand, although they do very little advertising and outreach to children’s hospitals. With over 250 children’s hospitals in the country, keeping up with future demand is a significant focus for the non-profit. Even though the donation of business jets and funded charter flights has dramatically expanded, the current limit to AeroAngel’s flight program is apparent.

Mark has a lofty vision to fund the acquisition of a dedicated business jet that would increase the capacity to serve more children and access more children’s hospitals across the country. When the jet is not flying an AeroAngel mission, it would be available and operated for hire (charter) on a floating basis. This would allow the non-profit to offset most of the mission operating costs. In future years, additional jets will be added and based in different locations across the country.

AeroAngel’s mission, vision, and passion inspire us all, and Aircraft Performance Group (APG) is proud to support AeroAngel’s operation. We were also thrilled to attend the AeroAngel 3rd Annual “Light Up The Sky” event that helped generate awareness and contributions for future life-saving flights.

If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause that could help save the lives of critically ill children, visit the AeroAngel website.