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Airplane Manager Partners with APG

Castle Rock, CO, Oct 19th, 2023 — Aircraft Performance Group (APG®), the leading global provider of proprietary flight operations software solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Airplane Manager. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in aviation technology, offering an innovative solution to streamline aviation management processes like never before.

The partnership between APG and Airplane Manager introduces an integration with APG’s iPreFlight Genesis® PRO and Airplane Manager’s Corporate and Air Charter Scheduling that connects crew scheduling with enhanced flight planning, runway analysis, and weight & balance capabilities. This powerful integration empowers aviation professionals to set up flights effortlessly, assign crews and passengers, generate new routes, and efficiently manage aircraft weights within a user-friendly platform.

“We are excited to join forces with APG to offer aviation professionals an all-encompassing solution for aviation management,” said Terry Cooper, President. “Our mission is to provide intuitive software that connects pilots, passengers, owners, and executive assistants seamlessly. We’re taking a giant leap toward achieving that goal with this partnership.”

APG’s iPreFlight Genesis PRO combines a proven track record of 20+ years of providing trusted runway performance, global flight planning, routing and filing capabilities, and global Chart Data.?iPreFlight Genesis PRO supports over 350 aircraft types, the most aircraft types in the industry. It uses first principles data for performance calculations, offering customers the highest level of accuracy and confidence.

Integrating APG and Airplane Manager offers several key benefits to aviation professionals. It seamlessly connects crew scheduling with flight planning, allowing optimal resource allocation. Additionally, users can access advanced flight planning tools for precise route generation and valuable insights into runway performance to enhance safety and efficiency. The integration also enables efficient aircraft weight and balance management to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

“APG continues to lead the way in aviation flight operations software innovation and we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing aviation professionals and businesses with the tools to excel and deliver exceptional service to their clients,” stated?Shawn Mechelke, President of APG. “We are proud to partner with Airplane Manager to continue our mission to offer intuitive software that makes flying safe.”

About APG: About Aircraft Performance Group: Aircraft Performance Group (APG) is the leading provider of innovative flight operations software solutions for business and corporate aviation. With over 20 years of experience, APG empowers aviation professionals with mission-critical tools that optimize flight operations, enhance safety and improve efficiency.

About Airplane Manager: Airplane Manager is a leading provider of aviation management software dedicated to simplifying and optimizing aviation operations for pilots, passengers, owners, and executive assistants. The company offers a range of innovative solutions designed to streamline flight scheduling, crew management, and more. Airplane Manager is committed to delivering excellence in aviation management.