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Experience iPreFlight Genesis® PRO: Watch Our Introduction Video Now!

As the global aviation industry continues to evolve, it’s essential for pilots and dispatchers to have access to the latest technology and tools to ensure efficient and safe flights. That’s where iPreFlight Genesis PRO comes in. Aircraft Performance Group’s (APG) latest system is the perfect solution for business aviation operators looking to streamline their operations and optimize their flights.

To showcase the power of iPreFlight Genesis PRO, APG has released a new introduction video that provides a web and pilot demo. The video highlights the features of iPreFlight Genesis PRO in action, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how it can benefit your business aviation operations. See how the system’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to input flight data, and how the software’s powerful algorithms provide accurate and reliable results.

flight planning and performance on ipad and laptop

What is iPreFlight Genesis PRO?

With iPreFlight Genesis PRO, you can access advanced flight planning capabilities, including real-time weather and NOTAM updates, route optimization, and fuel planning. Our runway analysis tool provides detailed takeoff and landing performance information, ensuring you have the necessary data to make informed decisions and our weight & balance feature allows you to quickly and easily calculate your aircraft’s weight distribution. Additionally, iPreFlight Genesis PRO includes EOPs, that use extended climb data to maximize aircraft performance and reduce costs. The software provides detailed guidance on responding in different scenarios, ensuring that pilots can react quickly and safely in emergencies and connects the dots with an integrated, fully synchronized, seamless experience from dispatch to destination.

In today’s fast-paced business world, time is money. That’s why iPreFlight Genesis PRO is designed to help you save both. Our solution enables pilots and dispatchers to make informed decisions quickly and confidently by streamlining all phases of the flight planning process and providing accurate data and information.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out our new introduction video today.

iPF GPRO Video Demo