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2023: Realizing the Vision for Aircraft Performance Group

As we close out 2023, we look back at key accomplishments that realized a vision crafted in 2020 with the union of three great companies – APG, RocketRoute and Seattle Avionics.

Listening to our customers then and now, we knew we needed to deliver a singular point of truth in flight planning both for dispatchers and pilots. With the release of iPreFlight Genesis PRO we delivered that and more. It combines the powerful offline iPreFlight Genesis Performance calculation engine with RocketRoute’s world-class flight planning service and most recently, the inclusion of global airport diagrams and instrument approach plates from Seattle Avionics. This combined solution is delivered where and when it’s needed – both to the pilots on their mobile devices and the dispatchers on their desktops – showcasing our commitment to serving the needs of our industry. Along the way, we brought industry-firsts, such as the SID Analyzer, which transforms the takeoff with unmatched Runway Analysis and TERPS/PANS-OPS compliance checks, and we forged a partnership with CAE – a global leader in flight training – to prepare the next generation of pilots.

So what does next year hold? We look forward to our three proud companies further collaborating to revolutionize the industry while maintaining the safety, efficiency, and unparalleled customer service that has become synonymous with APG over the years. We look forward to working with you, and as always welcome your feedback and collaboration.

As many of us get the opportunity to stay close to our families this holiday season, let us remember those who cannot. The operators working to keep the flights running through the holidays, or the many who serve in the military to keep our skies safe every day of the year, we thank you for your service. I end my year in gratitude, and with a continued commitment to serve our industry.

In appreciation,

Shawn Mechelke
President, APG