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Join APG at NBAA-BACE 2023

Excitement is in the air as we gear up for NBAA-BACE 2023!

Aircraft Performance Group (APG®) is thrilled to announce our presence at this year’s event at booth #C12644, where we’ll unveil our latest innovations that redefine flight operations.

The Future of Flight Operations

At APG, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in aviation technology. This year, we’re taking our commitment to the next level and we can’t wait to share it with you. Our team has been hard at work developing new features and products that will put synchronized flight planning, takeoff and landing performance, weight and balance, SIDs, and aeronautical charts front and center.

Live Product Tour at NBAA-BACE

We invite you to participate in the action by joining us at our booth, #C12644, for an exclusive live product tour. This is your chance to get up close and personal with our cutting-edge solutions. Our experts will be on hand to guide you through the features, answer your questions, and showcase how our innovations can transform your flight operations.

And there’s more good news! By participating in our live product tour at NBAA-BACE, you can also pick up some fantastic swag as a token of our appreciation.

Hurry, seating for the product tour is limited, so secure your spot today

Where Precision Meets Simplicity

In the world of aviation, precision and safety are non-negotiable. Enter APG’s game-changing innovation, iPreFlight Genesis® PRO. It connects the dots from dispatch to destination, guiding you through every facet of your flight – Flight Planning, Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance.

APG’s all-in-one flight operations solution offers seamless web and mobile synchronization. Dispatchers can prepare meticulously optimized flights, armed with highly accurate flight planning information. Simultaneously, flight crews can make last-minute adjustments or meticulously plan every step of their journey. Pilots, in particular, benefit from iPreFlight Genesis PRO’s mobile application, which empowers them to take control of their flight routes, runway analysis, and weight and balance calculations. This synchronization guarantees that pilots and operations teams can access the most up-to-date information, enabling companies to cut costs, streamline operations, and adhere to regulatory standards.

Furthermore, iPreFlight Genesis PRO goes beyond seamless collaboration. It opens the door to integration with other third-party solutions, thanks to its application programming interfaces (APIs). This integration takes all your applications and brings them together into one connected platform, simplifying your workflow.

Revolutionizing Flight Planning

With over 20 years of business, APG has become renowned for its Runway and Weight & Balance solutions expertise. Now, with iPreFlight Genesis PRO, we’re bringing our knowledge and innovation to flight planning, making it more efficient and safer than ever before.

iPreFlight Genesis PRO comes equipped with a range of robust features:

  • Safety Alerts: Our software provides visual alerts to keep situational awareness front and center. These alerts cover critical aspects such as aircraft navigation equipment and emergency equipment restrictions, aircraft certification restrictions, and dynamically reported airspace restrictions.
  • Weather & NOTAMs: Stay informed with real-time weather conditions as they evolve. Access Worldwide METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, and radar imagery for composite U.S. and site radar for cities across the U.S., which are updated every five minutes.
  • User-Imposed Constraints: Take control of your flight planning with user impose routing, vertical, and speed constraints to tailor the flight to your needs.
  • Terrain and Obstacle Heights: APG utilizes global high-resolution terrain and obstacle data to identify and highlight dangerous terrain, ensuring a secure flight path.

With intelligent technology at your fingertips, you gain more than just convenience—you save fuel, reduce costs, and ensure continuous compliance. Our advanced flight planning software is designed to direct your aircraft along the fastest route possible, catering to IFR and VFR flights.

Embrace the Future of Flight Operations

Stay tuned for exciting feature announcements from APG as we approach NBAA-BACE. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter (X) or Facebook, or register to receive news from APG for updates.

Get your spot for the live product tour now or contact us at +1 (303) 539-0410 for more details.

We can’t wait to meet you at NBAA-BACE at APG’s booth #C12644.